Rysk u-båt i Bergshamra

Rysk u-båt i Bergshamra

Idag kl. 12.00 var det full utryckning från Räddningstjänsten. På Mårdstigen stod fyra brandbilar, tre polisbilar, två ambulanser och en ledningsbil. Vad som orsakat påslaget kunde ingen ge information om. Kanske var det en (rysk) U-båt?


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  1. Scott, thanks for sharing how you were touched by Joy’s words. Her suggestion to reach out to someone who is hurting on mother’s day is a powerful one. I’m glad this post was able to give you insight and perspective. Thanks, Lindsey, WV Staff

  2. http://www./ skriver:

    L. Frank Baum brought attention to this issue in his novel, Aunt Jane’s Nieces at Work (1909), in which it is the central issue of a local political campaign. Kenneth Forbes, an alter ego for Baum, turns the tide of the election by having children wear advertising on their clothing, horrifying the citizenry with something that? has now become commonplace.

  3. Today I joined the tour and once again I had a great time. I met quite a few new folks it was a big turn out and lots of NIKON owners! I think we dominated today! All joking aside Chris you put together a great tour. Ill post a few of my shots. Thanks Again, Dan


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